Monday, 28 November 2011

Infrared vs Visible Light

On the left, the lovely Helene Atsuko - real name Brian Nugent - shot with the infrared-converted Canon 10D that appears in this earlier post. On the right, Helen shot with visible light, a few second later. I haven't really tried shooting infrared with studio lights, because I was worried that studio strobes wouldn't put out enough infrared light, but they do, and so I did. As you can see, latex doesn't reflect infrared at all, whereas the material of Helene's corset fluoresces. And so, presumably, an infrared-sensitive visible light camera - such as the Leica M8, or the early Kodak DCSes - would have trouble rendering it properly.

Helene quite cleverly has a burglar-proof latex catsuit:

And with that sentence I become the first person on the internet, perhaps the first person ever, to write the words "burglar-proof latex catsuit" (in that order).