Sunday, 4 December 2011

Helene and the Mask

sometimes she saw her real face /
and sometimes a stranger at her place

The lovely Helene Atsuko there, although you can't really tell. One of the most amusing things on the internet is this thread at SomethingAwful, in which people lay into complacent so-called professionals who have no idea what they are doing; or too much of the wrong idea, ideas, whatever. HDR naturally features heavily, because it's a quick way of getting a dramatic picture, and so I decided to have a go myself, viz the above. Which was done with Luminance HDR. Here's a more conventional shot, with no processing at all:

The great thing about gas masks is that they obviate the need for make-up, or post-processing, and I'm surprised that more people don't use them. On the other hand there's a minor danger of suffocation, but the same is true of swimming, or... parachuting. And people still do those things.

Here's Helene again, holding a teacup in a naughty way. Props to the potters for painting the flag the right way up: