Friday, 5 November 2010

Infrared Italy III: Barcelona I

Whilst in Italy I took a week-long detour to Barcelona, which isn't in Italy. And I took my infrared camera and my genius and some fresh underwear.

See, I could have called this Infrared Barcelona, but some of the pictures in Part II were taken in Montserrat, which isn't in Barcelona. So I can't call it Infrared Barcelona. I'd have to call it Infrared Spain.

But Infrared Spain wouldn't be right either, because Barcelona and Montserrat aren't all of Spain, they're just a small part of it. That would be like presenting some snapshots of London as Infrared Britain. Or some shots of New York as Infrared America, although New Yorkers probably wouldn't understand why that is wrong.

The URL actually works! It reveals that the artist came all the way from Miami, but doesn't say when.

Besides which, Barcelona and Montserrat are in Catalonia, which isn't quite Spain. And they aren't all of Catalonia either. So I'd have to call it Infrared Barcelona and Montserrat in Catalonia which is Part of Spain but Not All of It and They are Not All of Catalonia but they ARE All of Themselves. And of course I haven't really photographed all of Barcelona, I've only photographed part of it.

A tiny part of the surface. There's a whole lot underneath the surface that I didn't photograph; a lot that can't be photographed. In Part II, more of the same.