Friday, 13 May 2011

More of Ulorin

I have a habit of shooting lots of photos and then never using them; life intervenes. So here's more of Ulorin Vex from ages ago. All shot with a good old classic old Canon 5D, which I should write a blog post about at some point, and a Canon 50mm f/1.8 because it works and I had it with me. And some coloured gels in front of the lights. You can gels that fit in flash units, but I used these little bastards, squares of plastic that you can cut up and gaffer tape to studio strobes. But be careful to turn off the modelling light, otherwise the bulb will melt them.

The 5D was so good that I sold it and bought a 5D MkII. I can't say that the extra nine megapixels have transformed my photography, although I can crop like a maniac now. The video is nice. And the sensor cleaning technology works like a charm. It's a shame the batteries are so expensive.

I actually came this close to buying a 7D instead and it was only a credit card glitch that stopped me; I eventually reasoned that I would probably still be using the camera ten years from now, in which case the 5D MkII would date slightly less. The big sensor will always be unusual even if the resolution is surpassed by whatever media devices we will be carrying around in 2021. We'll have computers grafted into our skulls by then; we will take photographs by looking at things with our eyes and blinking.

NB there are other camera manufacturers. It's a damn shame that nothing rhymes with Ulorin. Florin? That's all I can think of. I wanted to call this post "More 'o' Ulorin" but it doesn't rhyme.

Here's a duck, I call her Jennifer: