Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Not So Fast

On a tangent, I've been playing with Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch, a piece of software that stretches sound in an extreme way and it was made by a man called Paul.

No matter what you feed into it, the results come out sounding a bit like The Caretaker, who was one of those pseudonymous one-man projects that were all the rage a few years ago. Here for example is the 20th Century Fox fanfare:

And here is Napalm Death's classic grindcore micro-tune "You Suffer" - it's only one and a half seconds long - stretched into a dark ambient chiller:

At which point I became bored with the concept. Here's a track by the actual Caretaker himself:

There used to be a microsite devoted to the chap on his record label's website, with a whole album free for download, but it has long-gone, although you might be able to find some of the files at the Internet Archive's copy here.

And then...