Friday, 12 August 2011

Infrared Italy III: Venice II

I'm off to Italy again in September, and I decided to go through the archives and jog my memory, see if I could remember what it looks like. Going through old photographs is a bit like going on holiday, but cheaper, and you don't know the people.

Pasta Sells... but Who's Buying?

Some underwear. Long johns. I'm not sure what Italian people wear underneath their clothes, and Venice is a special case because there are so many seafaring folk, who are wont to go about in pullovers. To be honest, I was expecting something more stylish on an Italian washing line, but perhaps they keep the best stuff out of the sun. And being continental they might not wear underwear at all, this stuff could actually be their outerwear. They're like that, abroad. No socks.

What I need is an Italian underwear consultant, preferably female, attractive, relatively young. Get in touch via the comments, you have much to teach me.

These were all shot at with a 720nm converted Canon 10d with a Samyang 14mm, which acts like a 21mm on an APS-C camera. It flares like a mother, as per the last image, but I like the flare. It reminds me that I can still feel.