Monday, 21 November 2011

Liverpool: Napalm to the Bone

Off to Liverpool, from whence one half of my family came, or at least paused in their journey long enough to have children. A journey that apparently encompassed the Carribean, although really we call came from Africa; and before then were no doubt a virus floating through space. Were we one virus particle, or millions? Did we split up, or were we always apart?

But anyway, I took along a bunch of cameras, including a 590nm-converted Canon 10D. This isn't the same 10D that pops up in Infrared X, although it's essentially identical; that one was converted for 720nm. A 590nm filter lets in a lot more colour, which is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because the skies and trees etc are especially vivid, but a curse because if you don't like orange skies and blue plants (or vice-versa) you're going to have to get jiggy with the colour balance. Which I did.

Unfortunately it was overcast, which isn't ideal for infrared - the colours really come alive when the sun shines on them. But it's Liverpool in November, what did I expect? Criticising Liverpool in November for being overcast is a bit like criticising sharks for munching on people; it's in their nature.
"It is your character
Deep in your nature
Take one example
Sample and hold

Romance and replace
The lack in yourself
It is your nature"
PiL: The Suit

The Mersey there, where the beat came from, and beyond it the Wirral, which taunts the people of Liverpool just as the moon taunted the ape-men in 2001. One day the people of Liverpool will build machines that can cross the water. But until then they fight for the Gods they made.