Tuesday, 19 June 2012

God Save Her

As part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations I decided to do a little photo-essay. I realise that the Jubilee was a fortnight ago, but it took time for the film to come back from the lab; that's why journalists generally don't use film any more. With film you can only see the past, never the present, and certainly not the future. Never coming back, ever running over.

I used a Mamiya C33 twin-lens-reflex loaded with Fuji 400H colour negative film. In order to make the essay uniquely British I put an orange filter on the lens, so that everything would look as if it was floating in piss. Dilute piss. The Queen spends a lot of time with horses, she's not squeamish.

There are few things more British than a car

"On the house tops thousands of people were to be seen,
All in eager expectation of seeing the queen;
And all of them seemed to be happy and gay,
Which enhanced the scene during the day."