Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Tenty Turteen

And so 2012 draws to an end. The world continues to exist. What will they call the new year? 2013 is too obvious. I'm going to call it Two Thousand and You.

It was a year in which I made a concerted effort to use film more often, viz the photo above, which was taken with Kodak Ektar run through an old Mamia C33. I concluded that medium format makes you feel like a king, and in the coming weeks I'll be having a look at the Mamiya 1000S, a 645-format camera, and the Mamiya 80mm f/1.9, an unusually fast medium format lens.

On a tangent, I've updated my lengthy account of the rise and fall of the netbook to take into account the recent news that Acer has given up with them, which more or less brings the story to a close.

And another thing. I take more pictures that I can write about, so I've opened up a Tumblr account where I can put them. There's also Flickr, but Flickr is a bit Web 2.0a these days. Web 2.0 is old-fashioned. And I don't like numbers, too hard. Tumbler is WEB. Take a look at the word; WE B. WE, together, us. B for better, beyond, beautiful. Wee bee. It is today's future.