Saturday, 25 February 2012

Poetry Month: Metallosis

The people had a plan;
they would construct
Dalek suits from plywood
with rollers for mobility
and flashing lights on top

So that the Daleks would
not exterminate them.

At first they were mute,
so they installed vocoders
and suckers
and fake Dalek guns that went
which they fired at accomplices
who pretended to die

But the Daleks might notice
that the victims were not dead
and so volunteers were sought
to sacrifice themselves;
they were compelled to die
so that others might live

The tides of war changed
and the Dalek fleet withdrew.
Faced with the removal
of their raison d'ĂȘtre
the people were appalled.

"We must go on;
their sacrifice
will not be in vain"
and the Dalek suits
had cost a fortune

And so the fake plywood Daleks
continued killing
so that the
continued killing
made sense

And the dead screamed
stop, for pity's sake