Sunday, 4 May 2014

Rollei ATO: Loren Peta

A while back I had a look at Rollei ATO 2.1, a contrasty lith-type film. It's fragile and highly specialised, but then again aren't we all? Fragile and highly specialised.

I decided to try it out on the lovely Loren, who - if she was a character from a fighting game - would be good at punching but vulnerable to ice attacks.

Shot at ISO 20 in bright outdoors sunshine, developed with Rodinal, but the important elements were (a) Loren (b) me. The characteristic scratches and lines are all present and correct; when developed, it looks like transparent plastic with shadows on it. My guess, after seeing how it renders skin, is that it's orthochromatic, e.g. sensitive to blue. It has one major problem as a portrait film. The whites of the eyes are rendered unnaturally white, which is one of the reasons why this post only has a handful of shots, none of which show Loren's eyes. The other reason being that I only used one roll, and three shots out of thirty-six isn't bad.