Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Games designers pick up tips
and GoPro's staff, they wonder how
to monetise four million views
of Syria's T-72s

In the comments people say
that there's no place for tanks today
in crowded city streets
dual-warhead RPGs and TOWs defeat
the dazzle and the Kontakt ERA

The footage is in full HD, ten-eighty-p,
and you can see the tank man's torn-off leg
and splintered shin as he attempts
to crawl. And as he tries I urge him on
as if I could project myself
beyond the glass, into the past

What's done is done, and he is done
his broken legs cannot move on
the past is like a waking dream
you cannot intervene
the missile hits, the tank ignites
the chopper spins and augers in
the bullets find their mark;
the bodies look like piles of clothes.